About “1≠1”

Accessing publically available gender-disaggregated data in Kosovo is a serious challenge. In fact, a recurring criticism in EU progress reports is the failure of public institutions in Kosovo to collect and use gender disaggregated data for policy making in all sectors. This lack of disaggregation makes it challenging, even impossible, to integrate a gender perspective into public policies.  

That is why QIKA has created “1≠1” which is a digital platform that uses visualization to display data from public institutions in Kosovo on cases of domestic violence, with a focus on violence against women. The platform is the first of its kind in Kosovo and it creatively displays detailed information on cases of domestic violence disaggregated by gender, municipality, ethnicity, the manner in which cases were resolved, the steps institutions took, etc.

Considering the platform as an important tool in presenting the existing gender inequalities, QIKA aims to expand the “1 ≠ 1” platform in the future by adding gender-disaggregated data on sectors like education, employment, health, property, public budgeting, etc. The publication of this data helps us to assess the progress in any commitment made to promote gender equality, and it presents a good opportunity to assist country’s institutions in drafting new gender responsive policies and monitoring existing policies from a gender perspective.

About QIKA

The Center for Information, Critique, and Action - QIKA is an organization founded in August 2020, which aims to protect and promote equal rights for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. QIKA is a space where youngsters create, work, read, celebrate and dream for a better and equal world for everyone. Intervening in public discourse through research, reporting, actions and discussions is the motive and method of our center. 

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